Wilson Expanding Mandrel Die Body


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 Wilson Expanding Mandrel Die Body.  (NB this is the body only. Which takes the Wilson brand threaded expanders Рorder separately)

  • Cut out in die provides an easy view for making sure case aligns and setting up depth
  • Interchangeable Mandrels depending on caliber (only Wilson threaded mandrel only will fit). Click direct link below for the expanders.
  • Stainless Parts for a Long Lasting Finish
  • Fits Standard 7/8ths Reloading Press for threaded dies. It will also work in the Forster Co Ax reloading press, but remember, you will need to use a Forster crossbolt lock ring on the die body.

NB> please note, as with most brands of expander systems this body will only work with the Wilson brand of expanders as those are threaded and screw in. . Will Not the 21st Century or KM Shooting types.

Click here for the Wilson mandrels