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Please note: Our business is a Webstore shop, so all purchasing is carried out via this webstore CHECK-OUT system. We cannot do offline orders or phone orders or even email out a manually created invoice for bank transfers etc. In fact we have Direct Bank Transfer as a payment option in our Check-out. This is all because we need to keep our the inventory for every single product on this Website correct all of the time (‘Live inventory’). This can only properly happen when all buying is carried out on this website. Our systems, processes and the automatic invoices are all geared to achieve this. We strive to have our inventory displayed online to be as close to 100% as is possible. (also read further information down below)
This is also why we offer for all online orders the default $10 flat rate freight Australia wide*.
(excepting long cleaning rods over 1.1m in length which will need to be quoted individually)

  • If your inquiry is about an Online Order which you have just made, or about to make, maybe for an adjustment, or an addition or a question, please email us straight away and in the subject field say “Questions about my order”.
    This is the best way that we can respond to you because several people in our business are usually checking for any of those particular emails. Even if Stuart or Annie happen to be away for example.
  • If you have any questions about our products or items before you may want to purchase, please also email us or simply use this Contact Us form as this is the only way really that we can respond properly. Or text message to the below number.
  • Other inquiries are best to be emailed direct also, or use this Contact Form is the simplest way.

For Txt Messages only: 0493 138 713 (email is better, see above)

Postal: PO Box 1124, Springwood. QLD. 4127. Australia.


Contact Us: Please use the form below, which sends a specific email direct to our system

We dispatch everything from our warehouse in S.E. Brisbane, QLD.
It certainly can be arranged for order pick up for local people.
If this is desired please either; contact us by email, or here on this contact form, or make a comment in the Notes section box on the Check-Out when doing your order.

Some FAQs :

  • Why can’t I come around and see what you have?
    We do not have a physical showroom or a store with products on retail display and for personal shopping. We never have had in the last 16 years. Lots of people have been calling and wanting to come around and see what we’ve got. We are sorry but it cannot work like that for our business. There would need to be a lot more staff, a two tiered pricing structure, separate inventory which means a lot more cost which would need to pass on.
    Everything we sell is on our website for online shopping only. You can shop 24/7 from anywhere in Australia.
  • How do I know that what says is in stock actually is?
  • Which is one of the main reasons why we are a Website only business. Our inventory is correct 99% of the time. Which is about the very best anyone can achieve. Therefore if any item says in stock and you can ADD TO CART, then it is available here in our warehouse in SE Brisbane, in Australia. Not somewhere else in the world (or it might come in maybe). Many customers will know that other businesses who do run a walk in retail shop and also have a website, have great difficulty with their website inventory being up to date. They will always have trouble being anywhere near up to date and accurate. Therefore this is one reason why we have been getting a lot of phone calls and we have had to stop phone calls.
  • Why can’t we answer the phone now days?
    We know that many of our customers would like to get on the phone and have a chat. We understand that. We get it. We apologise, but due to changed circumstances we just cannot anymore. We have struggled with this phone problem for a very long time. We get so many phone calls and most are simply not relevant to our business or the products range we sell. But we can’t tell this when a phone rings of course. It can’t be filtered.
    The world has changed so much recently and the sheer volume of inquires (phone and emails) to us is quite overwhelming. We need to focus on doing what we can do properly and the primary focus of our business is an Online Business. Our first focus is to those online orders which have already been made and we need to pack and get them out. Also a multitude of other things including trying our best to keep the products coming in to us. Our average supply time from most our our brands is 12 months now. Our website tells everybody what we do have in stock and even how many of each product. When such product is selected and opened. Again, we apologise to all our customers who would have a genuine and a valid inquiry and might simply like to call up. We ‘get it’. But this is why we now have to ask for an email instead, or use this contact us form (which comes to our email). Or maybe a txt message for a short comment.
    Thanks for your understanding. Please also take a look at the About Us section on this website.