Returns Policy – Bench Rest Tactical


This policy is valid for up to 30 after the purchase date.

Please Note!!! 

We do not automatically provide refunds or returns for items.
We also may charge a restocking fee if we except a return or exchange
So for example, if you changed your mind, or accidentally ordered the wrong item and opened it, tried to use it etc.
So please read below and contact us first.

It is important to note: There are some specific products for which we will not provide a refund or a return, and these include (but not limited to) the Berger Bullets (due to many things but particularly batch number inconsistencies to current stock etc) and also items like reloading dies, resizing neck bushings for reloading dies, mandrels and expanders, bore guides and scope rings/ mounts, sand bags etc. Also any products which have been already used. If there is a faulty product claim for warranty as example, this is different of course.

Sometimes our customers do accidentally order something which is not what they really intended or wanted or maybe they forgot they already had it anyway. We understand and we get it. So if this is the case and within the 30 days, and if the packaging is not opened and torn apart or whatever, please get in touch and we will be happy to help. But you must get in touch by email and depending on the product we may require photos first. Depending on the nature of the product or products, we may need to charge a restocking fee too.

BUT, we cannot stress enough, we do not automatically just accept a return. The product will need to basically be unopened, original undamaged packaging and items not used. The general rule of thumb would first be: Is the product and all packaging just like as received and be available still to sell as if that product is a complete new product. We are a webstore business and most products arrive to us and are dispatched as “packaged”. Please understand, we are not Ikea where they seem to accept returns on even mattresses somehow and return those to the factory and somehow reprocess those.

Unfortunately we find now a good many people are pushing the boundaries of fairness using the assumption a product return will or should automatically be accepted. Some people try to return items purchased up to 24 months ago. Just because they are unopened! We will not accept those. Or because their absolute specific example of an exclusion is not specifically mentioned as an exemption! So this is fair warning. We want to be fair, but we need you to be also.

We will not accept a return on items or products purchased and been adapted or attempted to use with some other products for which they were not meant for. We have experienced a large increase in problems caused by people buying certain products and then they attempt to adapt them. Or use in conjunction with another brand of product which they were not made for or to fit with. We understand that, especially Australian reloaders, like to experiment and adapt things for various reasons. But often this goes wrong. Or not as they expected. Be Aware. We will NOT accept returns in those circumstances. There are also several products where the manufacturer also will not accept returns either. For example: Forster Products 3-in-1 cutters for the Forster Original Trimmer or Forster Power trimmer system. Lots of people are seeing Youtube videos of other “Internet advise” for adaptions of this item and when it goes wrong they wish to return the item or claim warranty. There are many other examples with all brands of products too numerous to individually mention here or to list.

There will be no returns or exchanges for items that are on sale, reduced in price for any reason, or as part of a Stocktake Sale or special promotion etc. If your product is faulty you will still be covered by your consumer rights, see below.

Faulty Products

In accordance with your consumer rights, if you have received a product that is damaged or becomes faulty during use, or it is not fit for the purpose that was advertised on our website, you are entitled to a refund or exchange. You must contact us first by email at then we will advise you what to do next. Please take photos if you receive a parcel that has been damaged by the postal carrier. If a product is subject to a warranty claim we will need to first inspect it and then will communicate the results of that testing directly to the manufacturer. If a product is accepted for claim we will replace or repair, or refund as is required for the problem and the product.


If you have ordered the incorrect product inadvertently and would like to exchange it for a different product, please contact us first at with the subject line “Exchange request”. In the email, tell us the product you wish to return, along with a copy of the original tax invoice, and the new product you would like to exchange. Exchanges are subject to some conditions listed below and we also may charge a restocking fee if we except a return or exchange as it is a bit of work and time. Some products this is more time involved than others, so it varies.

  • All items to be returned must not be opened, used or damaged in any way
  • Items must be in the original packaging with packaging bags still sealed, labels intact etc.
  • On our inspection, we must agree that the product is still in new and saleable condition. If you have opened bags or removed any stickers or labels, added sand to sand bags etc we may not be able to offer an exchange. In general, in brand new resale condition.
  • You, the customer, are responsible for all postage charges when processing an exchange

If we agree to accept the product for exchange, we will tell you where to post the item and process the exchange for the new item/s. You will be required to pay any difference in the amount for the new item plus postage charges. We may charge a restocking fee also.

Postage and Couriers

Once an order has left our premises we will not be held responsible for any damage to the parcel, or if it is lost in transit. We strongly recommend adding insurance to your order in the cart and in the event that it is lost or damaged, please contact us for more information.