Wilson Case Gauges


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Wilson Case Gauge for checking cartridge headspace measurements and also case length.

Click here for Regular Case Gage Instructions

  • This Wilson gauge does two (2) jobs. Both critical to reloading.
  • A one piece gauge that will check overall length and indicate min/max case length
  • Measures min/max Headspace. Does not measure body diameters
  • This gauge is intended to be used with fired cases to determine a basis for full length sizing and case trimming

Also see the Wilson Case Gauge micrometer top and base block to fit onto this tool. (Separate purchase). This additional tool makes the measuring job much easier and the one micrometer unit can be used on several different Wilson Case Gauges.

L.E. Wilson Inc. a family owned and operated business since 1927. And the first to produce the Case Gauge in 1935


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