About Us

Our business is commonly known all around Australia, and the World, simply as BRT. Or Bench Rest Tactical

Since early 2008 we have been supplying the Australian market with high quality precision shooting equipment, precision reloading tools, range gear and accessories. Plus the best Scopes in the World. These are all here supplied direct to our customers via online ordering on the Bench Rest Tactical webstore. We have a well earned reputation for providing quality service, prompt efficient parcel dispatch and stocking the best high quality Brand names in the business. The brands which we stock are recognised world wide with high reputation and most of these products are generally not otherwise available in the Australian market. The majority of the Brands which are sold in our webstore are products from manufacturers whom we have built strong relationships over many years and they have appointed BRT as their Australian suppliers and agents.
We also sell many Australian made products, including our own BRT branded items.

Stuart and Annie Elliott began this business in late 2007 and it developed from their Training Business which is called Bench Rest Training (the “BRT” in the name BRT Shooters Supply) and later, simply known as Bench Rest Tactical.
Stuart and Annie each have over 40 years of high-level rifle shooting competition experience and precision reloading experience. They have a world wide reputation and both have won multiple World Championships, hundreds of Australian National Championships, many other International titles, and held National and World records in not one, but in many of the separate versions or disciplines within Bench Rest rifle shooting competition. From 1,000 yards Bench Rest to 25m Air Rifle Bench Rest and everything in between. Group shooting, Score shooting and ELR experience with Centrefire, Rimfire and Air Rifles. Also some F class. With their extensive product knowledge in these areas they were able to establish BRT Shooters Supply online and bring these products from those brands and make available to the precision shooters and the precision reloaders of Australia.

The focus is on the ultimate in accuracy. For many rifle shooting competitions this continuously demands higher levels of precision equipment. In recent years a new market area has developed being Precision Tactical shooting, and several events like PRS and ELR shooting have begun. Today many Australian shooters own custom built, highly accurate Tactical style outfits to use in a large variety of situations, so the demands for precision reloading and shooting equipment to match this new area of the Tactical market has certainly taken off. We offer many specific “Tactical” product lines relative to this precision Tactical market and so the name Bench Rest Tactical matches the genre well.

BRT are proud of the fact we are a privately owned Australian company employing local people here in Brisbane, QLD. Our business is a Webstore only and therefore “open 24/7”. All purchasing is carried out via this website. Our focus is to provide the widest possible availability of these products to everyone across Australia. The efficiency of this and combined with our $10 flat rate freight per order Australia wide keeps the prices down. It also means fast dispatching of parcels and with each being well packaged for protection . BRT only sell what we physically have in stock in our Brisbane distribution warehouse. Due to the complicated nature of delays with product supply and freight delivery timelines becoming endlessly more unpredictable, we have chosen not to offer pre-sales or pre-orders, and instead we focus on getting products here and to the consumer as soon as possible. If an item shows available on our webstore, we have it in stock in our Brisbane warehouse and it can be dispatched usually in 1-2 days. The inventory numbers we have in stock, for thousands of items, are displayed beside every product. Some product types are displayed with a dropdown menu and when each item in there is selected the stock numbers are displayed for that item. All products are updated ‘Live’ and are accurate. If an item happens to be SOLD OUT, it says so and then is an option displayed to register your email address (Notify me). This is for an automatic email alert for when those come back into stock. Our customers can have confidence knowing that what they choose to buy from our online store, they will actually get.

Thank you for choosing to shop here with us at BRT and for supporting a local Australian business. We hope you enjoy browsing our webstore and the special products which we sell. “Buy once, own for life” has always been our recommendation.
As always, we appreciate your business. If you have any comments or suggestions about our business or website, please get in touch through the email address below.