Wilson Expanding Mandrels


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Wilson Expanding Mandrels (to fit the Wilson expanding mandrel die body – order separately)

Over the past few years we have seen a greater need to run new brass cases over an expanding mandrel to properly prepare them for their first firing.  New brass cases are often damaged when shipped in bulk. The NEW Expanding Die with one of these mandrels will give you a consistent neck diameter on your cases.  With correct neck tension you can expect a more consistent seating depth and shot.

  • Expands necks to slightly under bullet diameter. Available in most calibres.
  • Useful for brass which is NOT outside neck turned to uniform wall thickness and was resized in a Wilson neck bushing FL die (which does not have an expander system).
  • These expanders are generally 0.001″ less than calibre size
  • Stainless Parts for a Long Lasting Finish
  • Durable and Accurate

1) These expander mandrels screw into only the Wilson die body (order separately). As with all brands of expander systems these are not interchangeable with other types like 21st Century of KM shooting.
2) Whilst these expander mandrels are usually 0.001″ under the calibre size, it should be remembered that the final result of inside neck size (therefore bullet grip) is very dependent on brass spring back. Which can vary a lot. Between different brands of brass and within the same brand, but different cartridge

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