Wilson Blank Micrometer Seater Dies


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LE Wilson Bullet Stainless Seater Blanks come with Cap, Stem, Micrometer and Base.  

  • A good option for making a Custom seating die for ‘Wildcat’ cartridges (Gunsmith machined).
  • Bore hole is finished and the blank is made long so you may cut it to the correct length.  
  • A neck and a pilot hole is drilled through to the finished bore.  
  • Chamber your own micrometer seater to your wildcat cartridge or chamber reamer.   
  • Comes with a guide on how to chamber the die
  • Available in 22cal, 6mm, 6.5cal, 7mm, 30cal and 338cal


Note: Please have experience with machine work or talk to your local gunsmith for more information on how to finish these dies.