Wilson Blank Std Bullet Seater


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LE Wilson Bullet Seater Blanks come with Cap Stem and Base.

The Wilson BLANK bullet seater is used by Gunsmiths to make a custom chamber type bullet seater which positively controls both bullet and cartridge case alignment.
The case and bullet are completely captured by the die prior to the bullet being pushed straight into the case by a close-fitting seating stem. This style of bullet seater works more accurately than a conventional (7/8″-14 TPI) bullet seating die. Seating depth adjustments are made by turning the screw inside the cap (3/8″ – 24 TPI). This is one of the most accurate bullet seaters ever made.

  • Ideal for making Custom seating dies for ‘Wildcat’ cartridges (gunsmith made)
  • The bore hole is finished and the blank is made long so you may cut it to the correct length.
  • A pilot hole is drilled through to the finished bore.
  • Note: Please have experience with machine work or talk to your local gunsmith for more information on how to finish these dies.