Wilson Case Holder – New and FLS cases


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Wilson Case Holder – New and FLS cases

The NEW CASE Holders are for New Cases and for Full Length Sized Cases to work with the LE Wilson case trimmer systems.

For most cartridges the STD Case holder will do the proper job for fired case, new and full length resized. But due to the body shape of some there is a need for a tighter version and these are called the “New or FLS” Case holders listed here. Therefore, if you do not see your cartridge listed here for this product it means there is no need for this type for that cartridge.
You will therefore only need one type called the “Fired Case Holders” 

Cases are held by body taper, NOT case head. So diameter, angle and shape of case and case length determines case holder size
Please note: Some over-sized chambers may require a FIRED Case Holder even after full length sizing because even after sizing it may not fit in the NEW CASE Holder. Our standard rule is, You will at least need a “Fired Case Holder for your cartridge, but if there is one of these “New” case holders listed for your cartridge it is a good good idea to have both.