Wilson Rifle Case Holders for Case Trimmer


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Wilson Case holders for Wilson Trimmers (Except 50 BMG)

  • The LE Wilson case holders are a unique way to support the cartridge case for length trimming
  • These allow the case to be supported like in the rifle¬† chamber. So the head and the neck of the case hang out each end.
  • The case holders sit on the Case Trimmer over the twin bars for perfect alignment

NB: This group of Case Holders is called the “Fired Case holders”. These are the most commonly used version and generally needed for most situations.
But, there is another group of Wilson Case Holders called “New” Case holders. But only about 1/4 of the cartridge list actually applies to both types of Case Holders. The reason is all to do with the case shape and body taper. If one of your cartridges is listed in both groups (or versions) then consider buying both types for that cartridge. Especially when full length resizing as that shape could better suit the other type¬† called “New” case holder. For example 308win in in both groups yet 223r is only in this group.

(6.5, 7. 300 rsaum, 22.250 ackley, 30 m1 carbine, 223 rem, 243 ackley, 257 wby mag, 7.62x54r, 338 lap, 300 blackout, 375, 444 marlin, 17 ack hornet ch, 17 fireball, 17 hornady hornet, 17 mach IV, 17 222 223, 204 ruger, 218 bee 25-20, 219 zipper 25-35 22 sav 32-24)

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