Dedicated Ultramount Top Plates Inline Fabrication


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Dedicated Ultramount Top Plates  – CHECK PART NUMBER LIST BELOW

These top plates are the DEDICATED type for Ultramounts. The other type of press plates is called QUICK CHANGE top plates (separate product)

These plates will fit up directly to either of the 3 Ultramount leg heights. Those being the 9.75″, the 7.5″ and the 4.0″ Micro.

The plates are drilled to fit various reloading presses and the hardware to fit up is included. Refer to the list below to determine the part number to suit your reloading press and then select from the dropdown menu.

One of the important design elements of the Ultramount press riser system is to be a modular, universal system. So, say you start out with a Dillon 550 press, then decide to roll up to a 650, no problem, all you need to do is purchase the top plate for the 650 and you are good to go. Couple of years down the road you decide to go with a Rockchucker single stage, no problem, grab the top plate for the chucker and you are set. All top plates come with quality hardware required to mount the specific presses.

UTP-00  BLANK TOP (no hardware and also this plate is wider than the specific ones listed below)
UTP-1    Lyman T-Mag II
UTP-2    Redding Ultra Mag
UTP-3    Redding T-7 Turret
UTP-6    LEE Classic Turret Press (NOT “Value” Turret model)
UTP-8    Forster Co Ax
UTP-9    Redding Big Boss & Big Boss II
UTP-11   RCBS Rockchucker, Supreme IV Turret & Pro 2000
UTP-12   Dillon 650 and 750
UTP-14   Dillon 550B and 550C
UTP-15   Hornady Single Stage Classic
UTP-16   RCBS Junior
UTP-22  LEE Breech Lock Classic Cast
UTP-24   Hornady LNL AP
UTP-26  RCBS Summit, New RCBS Rebel, RCBS Mini Grand Shotshell
UTP-66  Dillon Swager 600
UTP-68  Hornady LockNLoad Iron Single Stage
UTP-89  Area 419 Zero


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