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“LS” Shell Holder Jaws for Co-Ax® Press – 001251

Your assurance of perfect alignment. The jaws actually float to permit the cartridge to find its exact center in the die.

When a case is in the shell holder, it’s supported by spring-loaded jaws that contact the base of the cannelure for more positive extraction. The shell holder is also self acting, so when a cartridge is placed in the die and the handle of the Co-Ax Press is activated, the jaws can open and close on the cartridge case. When the handle is raised, the jaws automatically open and release the case.

  • “S” (Standard) jaws are factory installed and ready for reloading
  • Optional “LS” (Large/Small) jaws, available separately, accommodate a wide range of very large and small case heads.

An alternative for other calibers is the Shell Holder Adapter Plate for Co-Ax Press, though it does not allow a cartridge to “float” as with our “S” and “LS” Shell Holder Jaws.

Small end holds .312″ to .375″ rim
Large end holds .531″ to .625″ rim

Click here to check Cartridge Case sizes Forster Shellholder Jaw chart

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