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Teslong Mirror Pack – 5 mirror set

This is a replacement set of the mirrors as supplied in the NTG-500H Borescope kit and also the flexi cable kit model NTG-500

There are 5 mirrors supplied in the kit. These are packed is a small plastic box and within foam.
a) the smallest measures 0.196″ diameter mirror and is for 22cal and 6mm . (it will also fit 204 cal bores BUT, use with care as mirror could crack). 

b) the next size measures 0.235″ Diameter and is for 6.5cal and 7mm barrels (NOT TO BE USED IN 6MM BORES as mirror can crack).
c) the next size measures 0.274″ diameter and is for 30cal to 338 (not to be used for 7mm bores)
d) the next size measures 0.334″ diameter and is for 35cal to 40cal (not to be used for 338 bores)
e) the largest size measures 0.391″ and is for 416cal to 50cal

AN IMPORTANT NOTE TO REMEMBER:  In regards to the above list for recommended use of mirrors. The size  b) mirror  which is 0.235″in diameter is NOT to be used in a 6mm bore. Because often, or eventually, the mirror will actually crack. The land height in some 6mm barrels will make the fit be too close. Not every 6mm bores will be a problem, but most will be.  We recommend you do not use this size mirror in 6mm bores.

The similar situation applies to using the a) size  mirror in the 20cal bores, although there is a little more clearance compared to that in the 6mm bores. We have also advised the manufacturer of our concerns and our advice given here.
TESLONG will not cover cracked mirrors in warranty.

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