Redback Barrel Vice Model B up to 1.5 inch


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Redback Precision  Barrel Vice and Action Wrenches

Operating Instructions.

Fix the Barrel vice firmly to the bench with 2 steel ‘G’ type clamps or mechanical fixings

  • Insert into vice with a paper sleeve around barrel – suggest 1 layer of photo copy paper to prevent marring
  • Tighten the 2 vice nuts equally as required to prevent slippage
  • Insert Action wrench so the wrench bar is horizontal (3 lug only)
  • Turn in a counter – clockwise direction to loosen barrel.
  • S. barrels require suitable anti seize applied to threads.
  • Re-tension as required

Please note:

  • These Action Wrenches are not for the removal of factory fitted and tensioned barrels.
  • Only to be used with wrench handle supplied and must not be extended
  • Only to be used with low tension switch barrel systems
  • Head space and tension should be checked by a competent person.
  • Cannot be used with original Sportco or Omark barrel fit (adaptor required)


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