Redback Barrel Vice Model A


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Redback Precision  Barrel Vice and Action Wrenches

This model allows you to insert barrels with tuners without having to completely remove the top section.

Operating Instructions.

Fix the Barrel vice firmly to the bench with 2 steel ‘G’ type clamps or mechanical fixings

  • Insert into vice with a paper sleeve around barrel – suggest 1 layer of photo copy paper to prevent marring
  • Tighten the 2 vice nuts equally as required to prevent slippage
  • Insert Action wrench so the wrench bar is horizontal (3 lug only)
  • Turn in a counter – clockwise direction to loosen barrel.
  • S. barrels require suitable anti seize applied to threads.
  • Re-tension as required

Please note:

  • These Action Wrenches are not for the removal of factory fitted and tensioned barrels.
  • Only to be used with wrench handle supplied and must not be extended
  • Only to be used with low tension switch barrel systems
  • Head space and tension should be checked by a competent person.
  • Cannot be used with original Sportco or Omark barrel fit (adaptor required)

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