Possum Hollow Bore Guides – CENTREFIRE – 21.9mm DIAMETER


Please read the 3 step process before choosing here…

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Possum Hollow Bore Guide group to suit the bolt diameters approximately 21.9mm.

Please choose carefully as we DO NOT accept returns on Possum Hollow Bore Guides.
If your model is not specifically listed it is a risk. We would rather you did not purchase unless sure. See our returns policy.

Please follow the “3 step” instructions here to help choose the correct bore guide within this group.

  • Your bolt diameter needs to measure close to 0.863″ or 21.9mm to match the bore guides within this group! Confirm your bolt diameter using calipers.
  • If your bolt is not of this diameter, then choose a different group of bore guides which matches your bolt diameter.

Step 1:  If it measures 21.9mm, then establish that your bolt action is one of these Rifle models listed here. If not, there is a risk it will not work. This is the list the manufacturer provides.

* Barnard P model (only this model which is 21.9mm bolt diameter)
* Lithgow LA102
* Browning BBR and BBR-SA
* Hall
* Quadlock
* Witchita 1200 and 1375
* Alpha
* Meyer
* Firearms Development

Step2:  If your Bolt diameter is 21.9mm and your rifle model is listed in this group, then….Check the list of cartridges listed below here which will determine the bore guide part number (#)

#57     7-08, 308, 270, 280, 30-06, 7BR, 7IHMSA, 7×57, 8×57
#47    204, 221, 222, 223, 222mag
#48    22 & 6PPC, 220 Swift
#49    22-250, 22BR, 6BR, 243, 25-06, 257rob, 6rem, 250 savage, 6.5×55, 6.5x47L, 6.5 Creedmoor
#97    7mm and 300 standard mag (eg: 7mm Rem magnum or 300 Winchester Magnum) NOT WSM
# 6.5X284    (Specific)
# 284              (Specific)
# 7SAUM      (specific)

Step 3:  Use the Dropdown menu bar above to select the appropriate bore guide part number (#). Once you select, it then will show it that is in stock and how many. Or if sold out. If in stock,  ADD TO CART.

* If you need two or more guides within this particular group listing, simply add to cart, one at a time.
* As always, if any item says sold out after being selected, you cannot add to cart. But you can register for an  automatic email alert to notify you immediately when it is back in stock.

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