March 8x-80x 56 Majesta Scope


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March 8x-80x 56 Majesta Scope- High Master, Wide Angle

The new generation March 8x-80x Majesta scope is now with High Master lens design and with a special 25 degrees wide angle eyepiece for a larger field of view. This scope is the highest magnification Rifle Scope in the world and provides the sharpest, clearest image possible. Also has new turrets, with new special Shuriken locking system, new reticles and fast focus eyepiece. Like other March scopes with the 34mm diameter body this has 4mm wall thickness. Like all MARCH scope models, the body is machined out of solid billet.

Back in 2010 DEON Optical CEO, Fumio Shimizu designed and built the world highest magnification rifle scope, the March 8x-80x. Many people thought this was just not possible. That scope model has been very successful ever since and is still continually used by many owners around the world to this day. In 2023 after nearly 2 years work and with some collaboration too with their original March distributors, Stuart Elliott and Gary Costello, the second generation of this 8x-80x March Scope is now here. Still the highest magnification rifle scope in the world and still with 10 times zoom ratio which DEON Optical also pioneered. This is a whole new scope and incorporating many new and special features. Not the least of which being the ‘High Master’ lens design system and Super ED lenses. This scope is a whole new level and therefore showing special body colouring and bearing the special name, MAJESTA.

Broaden your horizons… anywhere from 8x magnification to 80x magnification… Please enjoy.

Some of the special features are as follows:

  • 10 times zoom ratio. In Second Focal Plane (SFP) and in MOA
  • Highest magnification in the world. Befitting the name ‘MAJESTA”
  • New Grey/Titanium colour and Black features.
  • Robust 34mm body with 4mm thick walls is extra strong. Scope body machined from solid Aluminum ingot
  • All Japanese parts with no international plastic parts (except for insulator)
  • 56mm Objective with Triple lens structure (High Master)
  • Wide Angle eyepiece: 25 degrees. Field of view on 80x is 0.54m at 100m
  • High Master lens system (Super ED Glass) and also with temperature anti drift system.
  • Focus from 10 yards to infinity.
  • New firm feel Turrets with large numbering.
  • Argon Gas filled for internal stability. Water repellent lens coating.
  • Top quality multi lens coatings with very nearly 100% light transmission.
  • Shuriken twist lock on-lock off system with colour red-white display on both elevation and windage turrets.
  • 1/8th moa clicks, total elevation travel is 66 moa and total windage travel is 36 moa.
  • Zero-Set block off feature inside top of elevation turret (to set a block off position to prevent being accidentally wound down past where you set)
  • The included accessories are; Sunshade, MD Disc, Zoom ring lever, Flip up-lock back lens covers, Add on focus wheel 49mm, Lens cloth, Tool.
  • Weight is 1170 grams.

Reticles:-   MTR-W0,  MTR-W1,  MTR-W2,  MTR-W Dot,  MTR-WFD (F class type) and  MTR-WFT (Air Rifle Field Target)


The MTR-WFD reticle is a special reticle designed for F class competition. It was designed by an American F class shooter and is particularly arranged to match up with the ICFA 1,000 yard F Class target. Which is the target used in most events within the USA and called F Class Long Range > This is shot over distances of 800, 900 and 1,000 yards using the same ICFA 1000 yd Target at all 3 distances.
In Australia and many other countries, F class matches are often conducted from 300 yards or 300 meters back to 1000yards or metres and all in between . Also using ICFA targets. Yet some will be Imperial and others may be ICFA Metric targets.
We would like to advise, whilst this reticle will certainly be useful on all targets, the exact positioning/line up arrangement as is illustrated on a couple of YouTube videos MAY NOT NECESSARILY apply the same way with other targets and distances. Please undertake your homework.

The MTR-WFT reticle is specifically designed for Air Rifle Field Target competitions conducted world wide. Of course this reticle could also be used for many other competitions if desired. This is a ‘special order’ model.

Scope is shipped without battery (CR2032)