March Genesis 4x-40x 52G FFP High Master ELR


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March ‘Mini’ Genesis 4x-40x 52G.  The Genesis rifle scopes are the ultimate ELR scopes in the world

This scope is a ‘baby brother’ to the 6x-60x Genesis. This scope is more compact. It has the 52mm High Master lens system and a wide angle eyepiece. Several reticles available and in either Mils or MOA. 300 moa or 86Mils is possible in elevation and a integrated 4 point mounts system to Mil spec pic rails. Also a riser frame included when addition clearance is necessary.

Genesis scope is capable of engaging targets from 20 meters up to 3 miles (4827m) subject to rifle system, ammunition, and environmental conditions without compromising image quality and without utilizing any external accessories.

This type of scope fit up easily allows the movement onto other platforms. So removing and with usual careful relocation will maintain previous POA. This makes it very handy to use on an ELR rifle or at mid distances or even on a 22 Rimfire. Can use on a 22 Rimfire rifle out to approx 900 yards. Further with a slope pic rail installed on the rifle.
Available in Mils (Mil Radian) or MOA (Minute of Angle). In Mils either 0.05mil clicks or 0.1 mil clicks. For MOA is 1/4 moa clicks.
Reticles are FML-TR1 and FML-3 for both Mils versions. Reticles for MOA is FMA-3 only. All model are illumination.

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