Iosso Case Cleaner 950ml


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Restores brass casings to a bright finish in seconds. This liquid cleaner effectively removes powder fouling residue, oxidation, tarnish, discoloration, dirt, and grime. It cleans the inside of the casings and the primer pocket where tumbling media is not effective. Just immerse the casings in the solution for 20 seconds up to five minutes, rinse, and dry. The Case Cleaner solution is reusable and economical. 950ml of IOSSO case cleaner cleans approximately 1500 casings depending upon the degree of tarnish, residue and size.

Environmentally friendly. The cleaner is meant to clean and brighten brass. It will not enhance the surface like tumbling.
For a highly polished finish and protection from tarnish, follow with Iosso Case polish.

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