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Harvey Depriming Tool – New Packaging includes extra rod with small pin

  • This is a hand operated depriming tool for removing spent primers. Fired primers only. DO NOT REMOVE ‘LIVE’ PRIMERS USING ANY DEPRIMING TOOL!
  • The Harvey deprimer will accept a large variety of case/cartridge sizes. Basically from 204R and up, inc 9MM, 45 ACP, 38 SPECIAL, 5.56, 338 NORMA MAG AND 375 H&H MAG
  • No special shellholder is needed.
  • It is almost impossible to break a pin *
  • This NEW package includes the extra rod with undersize pin. Custom made for BRT to fit those special Lapua cases with small size flash holes (0.062″)
  • This is an ideal tool to remove primers before cleaning or tumbling your cases. Or for making accurate cartridge headspace measurements.
  • Cases up to these dimensions. It comes with the standard size pin suitable for .080″ size flashholes


Max Case Length 3.07″   780mm
Max Case width  .62″     15mm
Max Case Rim    .75″     19mm
Depriming pin diameter    .07″   1.78mm
*NB: Only to be used on discharged primers. Always wear eye protection when using tools like theses. Using this hand tool with some Pistol cartridges needs extra care. The pin must be in the flash hole before attempting to push the handle! Otherwise the pin will break. For most Rifle cartridges the case will not fit into the head/shellholder part of the tool until the pin is actually in the flash hole anyway. But some Pistol cases are very shallow in their case web, so it could happen. Please be aware and take care.
Also available is a decapping rod for small flashholes .062 and a replacement STD rod being .070″ size.
Click on the video below for demonstration…

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