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Forster Co Ax reloading press –  B5 model.  The Rolls Royce of reloading presses

This is the most accurate and powerful single stage reloading press on the market. This is one of the easiest to operate and has several unique features.
Ask any owner, most will say “why didn’t I buy this press first?”  This certainly makes the ammunition reloading process a joy.

  • Snap in, snap out Die changing which means you can have many dies of many calibres setup and ready to click in.
  • Self contained spent primer system keeps everything clean and simple
  • Dual floating guide rods ensure Precision and perfect alignment
  • Heavy duty Automotive-grade ductile iron casting
  • Long life design. All forces are in equilibrium whether at full load or at rest
  • Requires no heavy duty mounting due to the coaxial design
  • Up to three times the mechanical advantage of regular C frame presses
  • Many more advantages and none of the disadvantages of Turret presses
  • Compatible with any standard 7/8″-14 reloading dies (NB. best used with Forster lock rings)
  • Plenty of working room. Easy for Left or Right handed use.
  • Automatic shellholder system covers 90% of all cartridges. Optional LS jaws covers most of the rest
  • The Cartridge cases and Reloading dies self align because of the floating shell holder system
  • Unique press top priming mechanism
  • Quality – Made in the USA. Comes well packaged and includes 2 lock rings for dies in the box.

Buy once….cry once….own for life

Whats included?

The Press
The automatic shellholder STD jaws system.
The primer catcher system
The priming system included for both for small rifle and large rifle primers
The large handle
Two (2) Forster Crossbolt lock rings for dies other than Forster brand (Forster dies already come with these lock rings)

Optional extras include: Press cover, Short handle with ball knob, L-S jaw set, Quick Change Jaw sets, Crossbolt Lock rings by the dozen if needed

Click this link for more information about this press -> Forster Co Ax Reloading Press Information Sheet

*Video  Forster Co-Ax reloading press

*Video  Forster Reloading class – Co-ax

Forster Press Instructions

This is a PDF file, if you click it will open in a new page and you can save it to your computer

Forster Co Ax Reloading Press Information Sheet

Forster Co Ax Reloading Press Information Sheet

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