Forster Full Length Sizing and BR Seater Die Sets


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Forster Full Length Sizing and BR Seater Die Sets (2 Die Set)

The Bench Rest Die Set (two die set) includes one Full Length Sizing Die and one Bench Rest Seater Die, all packaged in our Deluxe Die Box.
These are the ONLY actual die sets which Forster Products supply.
All other types of Forster reloading dies are supplied individually so that a reloader can choose combinations to make up their “own kit”

Forster Bench Rest dies set the standard for quality and precision. That’s why they’re the first choice of some of the world’s toughest reloading critics, including members of the U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy Seals, U.S. Army Rangers, U.S. Secret Service, and the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team.

The Forster Full length resizing dies have a unique design for the location of the expander ball. It is purposely set high up in the mechansism and prevents bending case necks.

The Bench Rest seater die contains a cartridge specific, spring loaded, steel tube which together with the case and projectile slide up into the die to seat. This maintains alignment.