Forster BR Seater Replacement Seater Stem

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This is a replacement bullet seating stem FOR THE FORSTER BENCH REST model seating die only!
The thread on this stem is a course thread compared to the fine thread for replacement stem on the ULTRA MICROMETER seating die (listed separately)
Forster seating stems are shaped to handle the vast majority of Tangent ogive and Secant ogive bullets. With some exception of course. Very rounded blunt bullets will be difficult and extremely long pointy secant bullets like Hornady ELD’s etc can leave a ring on the projectile.

NB: Please also read the details and the link in the tab above, called “Troubleshooting”


Trouble shooting bullet seating issues.

Forster Products have produced a bulletin to explain and help reloaders consider some causes of problems when seating bullets. Particularly where either a ring mark is left on the projectile and/or seating depth variations occur caused by the projectile slipping in contact area on the seating stem.
There are several projectiles which are more susceptible to this occurring. Like those where the upper part of the projectiles’ copper jacket is very thin (some hunting and varmint bullets) and also the very long Secant ogive projectiles like the newer Hornady ELDX for example. As explained in the article the internal shape of ALL types of bullet seating stems is a compromise as these days a much larger variety of bullet ogive shapes (in particular) is available. No “one size can fit all”.

In most cases it boils down to neck tension of the brass or compressed loads, lack of internal case neck lube etc

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