Forster Sizing Die Replacement Decapping Units


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Full decapping unit replacement for the Full Length Sizing Dies, corresponding to the specified cartridge. (Do not confuse with the Decapping Units for Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Dies.)

This Decapping Unit comes complete with an expander ball for the selected caliber.

Unit has been properly adjusted at the factory and includes part numbers A-10, W-10, B-10, D-10, E-10H-10, and I.



17 rem 204 ruger 22BR 22-250 221 Fireball 223 rem 6x47lap 6BR 6PPC 243 win 25-06 260 Rem 6.5x47Lap 6.5 Creedmoor 6.5×55 swedish 270win 7mm rem mag 7mm Rem ultra mag 284win 30-06 300 win mag 300 wsm 308win 338win mag