21st Century Case Holders for Neck Turner


Refer to the “Shellholder Chart” tab next to Description below, and then select here…


21st Century Case Holders for Neck Turner

  • These shell holders are used to securely hold the case
  • Used in the 21st Century neck turn lathe (Tail Stock shaft)
  • Or can be used with the 21st Century Power Adapter Driver unit with hex shaft (sold separately)
  • These case holders are designed to provide adequate grip on the case rim and primer pocket yet are gentle and won’t damage
  • Consist of two parts together, The shell rim holder and the Base driver with O ring to fit primer pocket.
  • Therefore specific to small or large primer pockets (eg: 308win is different to 308 palma)
  • Stainless steel.

Refer to the Shellholder Chart tab above next to Description to find the one to suit your cartridges

(Alternatively, click here to see the chart in a new screen) – 21st Shellholder Driver Cutter Chart


Shellholder Chart