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Forster Datum Dial tool

One of the most important tools for all reloaders !

It is used to obtain relative measurements of cartridge headspace which is essential to correct setup of FL reszing dies and shoulder bump dies.
  • The tool body clamps to a digital caliper. The Cartridge headspace dial consists of 5 different sized holes to cover which will allow relative measurements of most regular cartridge cases.
  • Rimless cartridge cases headspace measurements are taken from the Datum line approx half way on the shoulder to the bottom of the case head. By selecting the appropriate size hole
  • on the dial which clicks into place you can obtain a ”relative measurement” of this headspace from a cartridge fired in your gun. Then by careful adjustment of the FL resizing die or a
  • Bushing Shoulder Bump die you can achieve the precise ”shoulder bump” for uniformity and safety.

*Video – Forster Datum Dial

Video – ‘Ultimate Reloader’ on Datum Dial

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