21st Century Carbide Cutter for Neck Turner


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21st Century Carbide Cutter for Neck Turner

  • These Tungsten Carbide cutters fit the 21st century Neck Turning tool.
  • Do not go blunt and cut smooth.
  • Ground specifically to match the case shoulder angle so when neck turning you can cut right up to the shoulder/neck junction
  • NB: Some people prefer to choose a cutter angle one size steeper. For example instead of using a 30 degrees cutter angle on a 6BR case they use a 35 degree cutter instead. This will take a very slight amount of extra brass material away at the neck/shoulder junction and can help stop some “brass flow”

Check the Tab above next to Description for the full shellholder chart which also shows the cutter angle needed on each cartridge, or click here to open in a new page:- 21st Shellholder Driver Cutter Chart