AMP Aztec Software – Unlock Code for Mark I machine only


AMP Aztec Software – Unlock Code

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AMP Aztec Software – Unlock Code for Mark I machine only

AZTEC Software for the the Mark 1 (first version) AMP annealing machine.
  • This is a software purchase, which updates the Mark I version of the AMP annealing machine,
  • Allows you to self analyse your own batches of cartridge cases the same way the Mark II machine does!
  • Added this software to your Mark 1 machine expands it’s capability a lot. This same AZTEC software which comes pre loaded in the MARK II machines. Except 50 BMG etc)
  • The AZTEC analysis does a special “burn” mode which accurately determines the precise code to use in the machine to anneal each different batch (or lot #) of cases.
  • It gives owners complete control over the whole process because there are always slight variations in lot numbers or batches of brass itself in all brands of Brass cases.
  • This saves you sending brass over to New Zealand for analysis because postage organisations world wide are blocking packages containing empty Brass cases now.
  • If you are neck turning your cases and change the thickness you can analyse the different batch to get a precise code which suits.
  • AZTEC mode also has the ability to +1. +2, +3 or -1, -2, -3 on the code setting if you desire for your own fine tuning.

AZTEC software download unlock code for the Annealing Made Perfect, Mark I machine. The software is downloaded directly from the Annealing Made Perfect website. What you are purchasing here is the UNLOCK code to allow the software which you download to work.

We will provide you with a code from Annealing Made Perfect after purchase.

Stuart’s tip: Really well worth the trouble and brings your Mark I machine up to latest standard.



How To

The summary is this: Before actually purchasing this software unlock key you will first need to download the software itself
onto your machine.The software itself can only be done directly from the Annealing Made Perfect website (the manufacturer).
After the download of the software is completed it cannot be activated for use until you purchase the unlock code form the
distributors.That is here via this website. So what you are purchasing is a software unlock code so that you can use and
function the Aztec software.It is a normal situation for software purchase to have an unlock code.
NB: The AZTEC Software is pre loaded on the Mark II annealers so this software purchase is only for owners of the
Mark 1 machines.