21st Century Gen X Expander Die Body w Window



Special 21st Century expander die bodies with window viewer.
The set up of an expander die has not been easier!  The viewing window of this version of the die body allows the user to set the die for optimal mandrel use without “bottoming out”.  You can see what is going on.
These two different size die bodies are machined out of 7075 Aluminum and then hard coated for durability.
Die body is machined internally to accept 3/8″ dia. shank expanders and is the standard 7/8″ x 14 tpi thread to use in reloading presses. Including Forster Co-ax, BUT…we do recommend as with all dies and bodies used in a Forster CoAx, that you use the Forster brand crossbolt lock ring as they are the correct diameter lockring.

The STD expander die body is used for 22 Hornet up to 30-06 Length Cases. This die has a Black cap on the top.
The extra-long model is for 30-06 length cases and longer up to 338 Lapua Magnum. This version has a silver top cap. We have found this one suit cases 2.2″ or 55mm long or longer. Not less.
This tool helps to keep your cases concentric during the expanding operation because the mandrel is allowed to free float inside the body to compensate for press ram and shell holder misalignment.
Aluminum Die Locking Ring has a nylon ball and set screw to hold in place which only takes a pinch with an Allen Wrench to secure. Locking rings works in Forster Co-Ax also.



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