Forster Classic Type Case Trimmer


Forster Classic Case Trimmer

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Forster Classic Case Trimmer

The classic case trimmer is designed for case trimming of the larger and classic type black powder cartridges

Trims case lengths of cartridges which from 1 7/8″ (47.5mm) to 4 1/8″ (105mm) long

Please Note: The Forster Original case trimmer is the one to choose for most common cartridges.

The Forster CLASSIC Case Trimmer is a high quality, economical miniature lathe with great features like:-

  • A four staggered tooth cutter made of high alloy steel to stop chattering.
  • The bearing is hand honed to fit the cutter shaft for a precision fit.
  • Fine adjustment screw allows for 0.001″ increments.
  • Extruded aluminum I-beam base to resist lathe torque.
  • A range of Brown & Sharpe style collets to accurately secure each case. Forster #5. #6, #7 and #8
  • Trim case lengths from 1.9″ to 4.25″
  • Long cutter shaft. 0.552″ cutter shaft diameter
  • Mounting base length is 6.5″ long. Optional shorter base available.
  • Collets and calibre pilots ordered separately. Collet Number 5, 6, 7 and 8 only fit this trimmer
  • Will handle 4 Forster trimmer accessories. Primer pocket chamfering, Bullet hollow pointer, Primer pocket cleaner and neck inside reamer