21st Century TiN Neck Turn Arbor (superseded)


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21st Century TiN Neck Turn Arbor (GOLD nitride (superseded version – remaining stock discounted)

  • 21st century outside Neck Turning arbors to fit into the 21st century NT body for outside neck turning operations.
  • Titaium Nitride coated. (NB: New version is the Black Nitride pilots here black nitride NT pilots
  • These are identified with engraving at the top and prefix “T” and then the calibre.
  • The sizing of these is general 0.002″ less than the calibre (bullet) diameter.

Tip: As a side note, these will also actually fit into the 21st Century press adapters (both types) and may, or may not, be suitable for internal case neck expanding after resizing cases in a neck bushing type die (when those cartridges have NOT been outside neck turned). This is to even out internal sizes before bullet seating.
The size of these mandrels is approx 0.002″ less than calibre (bullet) size which is a just bit smaller than the STD 21st Century  expander mandrels are. They were not meant for this task but….it may be useful to know.
NB: Expander mandrels will not fit in the neck turner as they do not have a flat machine on the side like the actual Neck Turn arbors have.

(33 cal,17 cal, 20cal, 22 cal, 25 cal,  6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 270 cal, 30 cal)