Teslong Digital Bore Scope Folding with 130mm IPS 5″ screen


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Teslong Bore Scope 26 inch, Fold-able with 130mm IPS 5″ screen – NTG200H

  • Rigid 26″ version of the Teslong Borescope which folds in half for better storage and transport. Complete probe folds from 76mm to 42mm.
  • Manual focusing built into the probe shaft
  • Stand alone digital photo/ video borescope – great for gunsmiths to use in their workshop as well as most firearms owners. Portable to take to the range with you.
  • Inspect bore and throat for irregularities and particularly fouling. Quickly check how good your cleaning is.
  • Works in bores 20cal and up
  • Equipped with larger 5 inch IPF colour screen, 130mm HD – not requiring a phone or PC. Includes Micro SD card to record photos and Video.
  • Comes with five 90 Degree mirrors for detailed viewing.
  • Covers the bore sizes from 20cal to 50cal (less than 5mm to 12mm diameter).  (See important note about each mirror size below*).
  • The mirror sections are adjustable and screw onto the camera end (fibre optic tube).
  • Focus adjustable via moving the the mirror position and locking up. It has wide focus tolerance. Adjust for each bore size.
  • SD card for recording video and stills. 32gb. Which can be removed and connected into a computer for downloading recordings.


*PLEASE NOTE: There are 5 mirrors supplied in the kit. These are packed is a small plastic box and within foam.
This is what WE recommend.
a) the smallest measures 0.196″ diameter mirror and is for 22cal and 6mm . (it will also fit 204 cal bores BUT, use with care as mirror could crack). 

b) the next size measures 0.235″ Diameter and is for 6.5cal and 7mm barrels (NOT TO BE USED IN 6MM BORES IS OUR RECOMMENDATION as this mirror could crack).
c) the next size measures 0.274″ diameter and is for 30cal to 338 (not to be used for 7mm bores)
d) the next size measures 0.334″ diameter and is for 35cal to 40cal (not to be used for 338 bores)
e) the largest size measures 0.391″ and is for 416cal to 50cal

AN IMPORTANT NOTE TO REMEMBER:  In regards to the above list for OUR recommended use of mirrors. If the size b)  mirror which is 0.235″in diameter is used in a 6mm bore, very often, or eventually, the mirror will actually crack.  The reason FOR THIS is the fit is too close in many barrels our experience. The land height in some 6mm barrels will make the fit be too close. Not all 6mm bores will be a problem, but that is hard to tell. WE recommend you do not use this size mirror in 6mm bores. Use the smallest mirror which measures 0.196″ (also for 22cal) and the view will be just fine.

A similar thing applies to using the size a) mirror in the 20cal bores. Although there is a little more clearance with this compared to the 6mm bore situation. Therefore in a 20cal bore be very careful and gentle. We have also advised the manufacturer of our concerns and our advice given here.
TESLONG will not cover cracked mirrors in warranty.

Stuarts Tips: I have owned and extensively used a Hawkeye optical borescope for 25 years. The 17″ rigid version. This has been the industry standard. Not only have I used this for my own firearms but also extensively used in my Training business (Bench Rest Training). I have seen through many thousands of barrels. I have found over time that 90% of the use is mainly for looking in the first 6″ (150mm) or so of the bores. That is the area which tells most of the story. Then 10% of time checking the rest of the barrel. A borescope can be very helpful, particularly for checking fouling and erosion in the bore. Checking whether your cleaning operations are actually removing all the fouling on not. This Teslong digital borescope is surprisingly very good indeed and extremely good value for money. This now makes the possibility of owning a borescope, which is normally a very expensive item, open to most shooters due to the inexpensive price point. The images are easily viewed via the separate device screen  compared to placing your eye in an awkward position behind the optical Hawkeye scope. The quality of the images at least equals those from a Hawkeye optical view in my opinion. The Teslong is fairly quick to start up and get images. You can also take pictures and record video and stored on the supplied SD micro drive. Care about your firearms? Need to know what’s inside? Information is the key.