Rimfire Scope Rail 15MOA Ans 54 Split – Redback


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Redback Scope Rail, split style. 15MOA forward slope – suit most Anschutz  54 versions

  • CNC machined alloy with Satin anodised finish
  • 15moa forward slope rail to suit Anschutz dovetail on 17 and 22 Rimfire actions. Ideal for 50m and 100 yard shooting, but also will allow for 200 yards adjustments on most scopes.
  • Torque settings 15in/lbs on the side clamping screws

NB: Not recommended for the Ans 54-30 action because the port cut out alignment position does not match up.

Will suit Trentech brand dovetail scope rings or Kelbly Stolle dovetail rings (The top dovetail is the Kelbly/Stolle type)