Rimfire Scope Rail 14MOA Turbo 3 LUG – Redback

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Scope Rail 14MOA Turbo 3 LUG – Redback (version V2 three lug without any modification. See notes below)

  • CNC machined alloy with Satin anodised finish
  • 14moa forward slope rail places the scope (centred turret) between 50m and 100 yards. Also used to gain scope adjustment on most scopes for 200 yards
  • The dovetail is the Kelbly Stolle type as on some on Rimfire actions which have twin blocks. This rail replaces those
  • Torque settings 15in/lbs on side screws
  • The 3 Lug rail is now extended rearwards also by 12mm which allows a more rear scope positioning.

(NB: There are many variations in the Turbo action. Will not directly suit the Turbo 2 Lug action and Turbo V3 version of the 3 lug without minor modification.  This is because of the bolt position in the receiver and will foul at the top of opening. Th e rail can be filed away on underside edge to allow it to function properly if owners are prepared to do this. It does suit the V2 actions without filing.)

Will suit Trentech dovetail rings or Kelbly Stolle dovetail rings