March Large Dial (Elevation) – FFP and SFP


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March Large Dial  (Elevation) – FFP and SFP  – BRT STOCKTAKE SALE – AUSTRALIA

This large dials fits and secures over the top of the scope elevation dial (for FFP models) or replace existing dial (for SFP models).

This is for shooters who wish to make their own numbering or dial setting notations

Comes included with a couple of blank self adhesive labels

The FFP version (plus one SFP too) is for first focal plane models, Tactical type: 1x-10x, 1.5x-15x, 2.5x-25x, 1x-8x, 3x-24x and 5x-40x

The SFP version is for second focal plane models, Tactical type: 5x-32x, 10x60x, 5x-50x and 8x-80x