Lenzi Rear Bag Model BR 16 Grey


Lenzi Rear Bag Model BR 16 Grey

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Lenzi Rear Bag Model BR 16 Grey

  • This bag is the “BR” model which means it bests suits rifle stocks having a slight slope, like those typically used in many benchrest shooting events. (NB. Thos stocks which are basically level or parallel underside are best suited to the Lenzi “LR” model shapes
  • This bag is 16mm stitch between the base of the ears on the main bag. Therefore suits some Benchrest short range rifle stocks.
  • The height of the bag is called “Standard”. There is a taller version (by 13mm) of these bags which is called the “BR22”

What are Lenzi bags?
Basically top shelf, the absolute best shooting bags made anywhere in the world.  Hard to come by but worth the wait. The LENZI shooting bags are made in Italy from the very best quality materials of fine Italian leather and nylon. These are made in the northern town of Moderna with the same people who provide top quality leather work for the best Italian sports cars! Alberto Lenzi is a Benchrest Shooter who lives near there so he knows well the requirements of a good quality and good shape of a rear bag for shooting competition. The base section of heavy leather is a “donut” design so it will sit solid on the bench without rock or roll. The stitching is definitely best quality. The Nylon Cordura material is soft and durable. These bags are designed to hug the stock without gripping it. Guide the rifle properly through recoil and yet remain strong and stable to hold it when unloaded and loading a new cartridge. Therefore it is important that you choose one which matches the shape of the stock on your rifle.

We recommend “heavy sand” or a mixture of heavy sand (for example Zircon, sand blasting grit) and fine clean beach sand.
NB: The bags supplied EMPTY, so the owner will need to fill with sand