Lenzi F Class Rear Leg With Fine Thread


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Lenzi F Class Rear Leg With Fine Thread


These legs are to replace the rear peg on the base of a Lenzi Benchrest. The rear leg standard fitment is a short peg with pin. It is a fine thread into the base. Therefore a fine thread leg is required because the thread in the base is a Metric fine thread. The other two legs are Metric course threaded.

When the rest base is setup up around the other way as would be usually when shooting prone (F class) or shooting from a bench in Long Range Benchrest with heavy rifles then this leg will be useful.


This leg also comes with an adapter piece. For most Lenzi benchrests this piece will be irrelevant as the leg will screw directly into the Base of the Benchrest. But for models from 2024 on there is this adapter piece fitted into the base.

For shooting F class off grass etc then a separate F class foot containing a fine thread is required and screws onto the bottom of this.