Edgewood – Original – Low Height (Black)

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The Original bag is the most common Edgewood bag used by benchrest shooters.

It is constructed with reinforced leather sides and heavy nylon top and ears. The base is multi layered in a donut style which allows the bag to sit firmly on the bench and minimizes any rocking back and forth.

Also comes in a Reverse option which allows the shooter to place the bag around the other way and have stock contact at the very rear which spreads the distance to maximum between front and rear bag support.

It has a footprint of 153mm x 214mm.

The Low bag measures 75mm from base to stitching in between the ears

Options for space between the ears – 10mm, 13mm, 19mm

Filling instructions

For both front and rear bags, you will start by looking for the nylon/cordura flap. This flap will have white stiches running along both sides. Note that the flap is actually two pieces of nylon/cordura which are sewn together. These two pieces must be separated at the end where there are no stitches in order to insert a funnel or other filling device.


For Rear Bags it is advisable to fill the ears first, then after you have tucked the flaps in continue filling the base of the bag.

Hold the bag so that the flap is pointed straight up and fill half way. Using a blunted rod and alternating between filling and packing, begin packing the sand firmly into the bag until the shape is uniform and you are satisfied with the firmness. Slam the base of the bag firmly on the bench several times to compact and evenly seat the sand. Then, check to see if more sand needs to be added. Repeat this process for the ears if you are filling a rear bag. Note that as the sand continues to condense during use, the bag may occasionally require additional sand until it reaches maximum capacity.

When you are done filling:

*Rear Bags-
Tuck the flap into the slot directly underneath itself by creating a “U” shape with the flap and pushing it into the slot. The flap has a built-in tab which makes it easy to insert a blunt tool as an aid to push the flap into the slot. (also applies to the ears).

*Front Bags-
Simply tuck the flap under the bag and insert it into your rest. You may apply a small, thin piece of tape to hold the flap in place under the bag.

If you find, after filling your bag or after the sand has settled, that your bag bulges on the bottom or rocks when on the bench try the following: Bang the bag flat down on the bench then gently slide it into place. Slapping the bag firmly onto the bench shifts the sand back up into the body of the bag and flattens the base of the bag. By pushing – rather than lifting – the bag into place, the bag will maintain that flat base.

You may also find that using one of our Dead Bottoms or Spacer bag will help to correct the bottom “bulge” and create a flat surface to stabilize the bag. Note that the dead bottom will raise the bag approximately 3/4″.