BRT Trimmer Platform

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BRT Platform is to mount the LE Wilson trimmer bracket and trimmers (STD and Micro) onto

  • This Platform is made to allow the whole trimmer kit to be self contained and easy to use (see supplimentary photos).
  • You can move it all around the reloading bench and store away as required.
  • Has 4 Rubber feet to hold everything properly when trimming
  • Cut outs at rear to hold some Case Holders
  • A plastic “Tap Cylinder” at front to lightly tap in and tap out and separate the cases from the case holder.
  • Easy to hold upside down and move to a bin and brush off all brass shavings.

NB: Can be used in conjunction with the LE Wilson 50 BMG trimmer bracket, BUT, that bracket has wider mounting hole spacings. You will need to drill two holes in the appropriate place to suit. If ordering for this larger mount bracket please comment in NOTES at Check-out and ask for 2 extra T nuts (we can supply)