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AMP Annealing Unit – Mark II, DB model

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AMP Annealing Unit – MARK II, DB  (See a video link of this new machine here)

The Mark II DB comes with all the annealing capabilities of the original Mark II with some added benefits and improvements of a digital display.

Summary of what has updated;

  • removed the old buttons and LCD interface and replaced them with a more modern touch screen (Similar in feel to a smart phone).
  • added a more powerful processor which allows the user to store many programs that have been generated previously.
    Users can now analyze a case using AZTEC mode and then once the setting is generated, name and save that setting which can be loaded for future use.
    Changing between annealing settings now is as fast as swapping out the pilot.
  • additional internal shielding enclosures which isolate the screen from any source of high voltage. One major benefit of these enclosures is that this touch screen will be user replaceable. If there is a problem with the touch screen for whatever reason, say you drop something heavy on it and crack it, you don’t need to have it shipped back to us to fix. Now you can simply remove the old one and install a new one.
  • changed over to the much more abundant USB-C type port replacing the antiquated USB printer port.
Annealing Made Perfect is the only name which describes this unit properly. Annealing of cartridge case necks and shoulders has previously been a ”hit and miss” episode for most reloaders who have been doing annealing – Until now!

This machine is the No. 1 choice of all serious reloaders all around the world. For the last 5 years it been one of our top selling products at BRT

NB:   Please remember to also purchase any cartridge pilots which you also require. Pilots are sold separately, click here.


  • This machine is a pre-programmed, fully calibrated, induction case annealer.
  • An induction annealer which produces exact and repeatable case neck hardness every time. No flame.
  • Change from one cartridge type to another in seconds
  • A solidly built, reliable easy to operate machine to anneal your cases every reload.
  • Mark II db version does all cartridge cases from 17 Hornet to and including the 50cal BMG
  • This Mark II db machine comes pre loaded with the new AZTEC software to self analize your own cases for the absolute codes to match brass metallurgy.
  • There is a range of special cartridge pilots available to set the case in the correct position in the machine for annealing (purchased separately)
  • No guesswork, no temperature pastes. Just select the program after carrying out ANALYSIS within AZTEC mode.
  • Fit the pilot in the machine and start annealing. Fast and easy.
  • Anneal your case each and every time you reload.
  • A special shellholder grip tool (Brass) is included with the unit. NB: You will need to use your regular reloading press type of shellholders within this grip tool.
  • Consistent case neck hardness means more consistent velocity which usually means tighter groups, closer velocity spreads and cases which reload and last longer.
  • All temperature time settings have been laboratory verified using micro-Vickers hardness testing equipment which allows precise neck hardness testing.
  • Induction annealing means no gas and not even a hot element. Magnetic flux passes through the case neck where heat is created.
  • There is no need to quench and importantly the case head remains way below annealing temperature. NB: The colour is irrelevant in evaluating annealing.
  • Units supplied with 240v Australian power cable and also a USB lead which can be used to connect the unit to a computer for future updates.
  • Choose the special pilots which you need separately. Many pilots handle a ”family” or cartridges of the same length and body. For example #11 pilot does 243win, 260rem, 7-08, 308win, 338win.
NB. Suggestions: This machine is certainly for the serious reloader. It is an expensive machine and possibly beyond the resources of many reloaders, but experience has shown that a group of friends or club members collectively buying a machine to share can work out quite effectively.
Unboxing video by Ultimate Reloader …… click the picture
NB. The AMP annealing machine and associated cartridge pilots are for annealing the case neck and shoulder area of EMPTY and UNPRIMED  brass cartridge cases as per the manufacturers list. We recommend that even fired primers are removed from cases prior to annealing.


Video  MARK II version video

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