21st Century Expander Die Bodies-Gen 1.


Choose either the Standard length body or the Long body



21st Century Die Body for expanders.

  • Choose either of the two lengths available of these bodies. Longer cartridges (like a 7mm Rem Mag for example) would work better in the longer body.
  • 7/8×14 so it fits into a standard reloading press.
  • Stainless Steel
  • 21st Century brand expanders fit in the top and secured with top cap

NB: This is the Die body assembly only (not including any expanders). Purchase the expanders as you need. STD Calibre size expanders are available, generally for preparation prior to outside neck turning. Also custom undersize expanders are available to expand up after resizing. To uniform for bullet seating and account for brass wall thickness variations when not performing outside neck turning.



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