Trentech 34mm Dovetail Scope Rings – Double screw type


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Trentech 34mm Dovetail Scope Rings Double

These scope rings made by Trentech in QLD and are absolutely top quality precision scope rings.  Best of all they are AUSTRALIAN MADE.

They fit all the benchrest type actions eg Kelbly Stolle, Stiller with integral dovetail. Also Davidson type bases fitted onto BAT and other Benchrest actions. This will also include many custom 22 Rimfire actions like Falcon, Turbo, Copperhead, Hall etc. When the side bracket is reversed they will fit the Anschutz type 11mm dovetails which includes all Anschutz rifles and many other 22 Rimfire rifles.  Most  Air rifles and some centrefire target rifles will also have this dovetail system.

* Machined in pairs and numbered as matched sets
* Perfect alignment on one piece dovetails. NB. When using two piece dovetail blocks alignment of the blocks should be always be carefully checked.
* Double screw style with side bracket clamping method. The clamp is removed and flipped over for the 11mm Anschutz size dovetails.
* Metric screws. 3mm and 2.5mm allen keys are required.  (12inch pounds to 15 inch pounds maximum for ring cap screws)
* Material – Strong aircraft alloy material
* Finishes – Anodised Clear or Anodised Black.  NB. Anodising is a durable, hard wearing surface finish which prevents tarnishing.
* Weight – is 100 grams for 30mm  double screw type and 66grams for 30mm single screw type. 104 grams for 34mm double screw type. 128 grams for the 34mm Tall version
* Heights – Measured from top of the dovetail to middle of scope tube –
* For the 34mm diameter STD rings it is 32mm. For 34mm dia Tall ring is 42mm
* Width – is 20mm for double screw sets and 13mm for single screw sets
* Surface edges are radiused so no digging sharp corners into your scope tube
* Suits 60 degree dovetail mounting or receivers. WILL NOT FIT TO 45 DEGREE DOVETAILS as some rifle have

Also… they just look great


Fitting Instructions

Please click on the link below to open a PDF document on the Trentech scope rings and also contains the torque settings

Scope ring instructions (2)