TAB Gear Rear shooting Bags (small)


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TAB Gear Rear shooting Bag (small version)

TAB Rear Bags are the extremely versatile because of their rectangular shape that allows three different height variations. Use the flat side, short side, and long side.
Attach the corner loop to a carabiner for easy carry, or use the mil-spec 1″ webbing to hang the bag from bipod legs, your hand, or anything that you might need for increased stability.
Comes filled with nylon beads.

  • Tactical or Hunting Rifle shooting bag.
  • Pre filled ¬†with plastic beads. Nice and flexible and not heavy.
  • Ideal for various rear resting positions which can be manipulated in several heights as required.
  • Can also be used as a fore end rest.
  • Heavy duty cordura material. Top quality manufactured bag with HD stitching as well.
  • Handle loop and hand strap on top and underside

This small version measures 180 x 140 x 50 mm and weighs 580 grams


Please note; there is another bag like this, yet slightly larger Рwhich is a separate product РTAB Gear Rear Shooting bags (large)  click here.