Redding TiN Neck Bushing


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Redding TiN Neck Bushing

  • These Redding neck sizing bushings are popular in many types of die. Redding, Wilson and Custom gunsmith built type.
  • They do not fit other brands of dies like Forster
  • The bushings are coated in titanium Nitride which is very hard and scratch resistant.
  • The necking size is stamped on each
  • Internally are parallel (Please note: Unlike the LE Wilson dies which are tapered and give a different result)

Choosing a bushing size to suit you cases?

Option 1.
You need to carefully measure the diameter across the neckĀ of a loaded cartridge. Or seat a bullet into an empty caseĀ and then measure. Take several measurements around the neck to determine and average size. Record that. Then check other cases the same way to determine if there are variations. Adjust your “average measurement” that you recorded if needed. From that average measurement, choose a bushing size which is 0.001″ to 0.002″ less. Or even up to 0.003″ less for firm bullet grip.
As an example: if your 6.5 loaded cartridge measurements you determined was say 0.293″ across the neck on average, then choose bush size “292” or “291”. Or “290” for firm bullet grip. All measurements are in Imperial. In general this will give you somewhere between 0.001″ and 0.002″ neck tension on the seated bullet. This depends and varies a little depending upon the variations in brass “spring back”. Therefore having a second bushing may be useful which could be one size below this determined sizes.

Option 2.
Alternatively, if you own a quality tubing wall thickness micrometer you can measure the neck wall thickness at several points around a case neck. Record you average size in Inches to the 3rd decimal place. Then check some other cases also looking for variations. If so, adjust you average size you previously determined. From this measurement you can determine reasonably well the potential overall size of a loaded cartridge. Add together twice the wall thickness size plus your bullet diameter. Preferably the bullet diameter measured at its largest part which is the heel of the bullet. Then, as per shown above choose a bushing 0.001″ or 0.002″less for Redding TiN bushings. Consider having other bushing sizes too, smaller or larger. Particularly if your cases or not outside neck turned and there is a thickness variation you are seeing of more the 0.001″ around the necks.