Pro Shot Micro Polished Cleaning Rod – Pistol 8 inch


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Worlds Best Cleaning Rod, Pro-Shot Premium Stainless Micro-Polished Cleaning Rods.

Pro-Shot Cleaning Rods are manufactured by Pro-Shot with American Made exclusive spec Stainless Steel and have exclusive & proprietary mirror like jeweled finish.  A Pro-Shot rod is more dense and hardened due to added steps in our rod manufacturing processes.  It is still slightly less hard than barrel steel. Each rod is carefully hand crafted and micro polished in addition to our center-less grind and polishing steps.  The hardened dense jeweled mirror like finish of our rods does not pick up and carry abrasive grit, dirt, or fouling through the bore. This makes the Pro-Shot micro-polished rod the best type of gun cleaning rod available in the market. Micro-polished precision stainless steel cleaning Pro-Shot rods are durable and are used by accuracy minded shooters worldwide.

*Rugged precision threading for no wobble attachment of rod tip accessories. No adapter needed for our rods!
*Proprietary Rod handle design (Pat. Pending) allows the rod to rotate in the handle, allowing the bore brush to spiral with the rifling and clean the grooves of the rifling completely.
*One piece rods come packaged with a patch holder – .17 & .20 Cal. rods come packaged with .17 or .20 Cal. jags.
*All one piece rods are packaged in a reusable storage tube for safe storage.

*Rod Length stated is actual working length. Add 4 inches for the handle.