Possum Hollow O Rings


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10 x Replacement O rings for the Possum Hollow bore guides.

3 sizes – Small, Medium, Large
The small size includes an applicator

Size matters: So the O ring size being spoken about for this product has to do which how large in diameter the cartridge is. How fat basically. The actual calibre is irrelevant here. Because the “O” ring on the bore guides basically seal in the chamber roughly half way in. Possum Hollow bore guides have a lot of different nose shape/sizes relative to the all the cartridges. But the replacement O rings come in 3 sizes

“small” would be cartridges like 223 for example. Measuring mid case 9mm to 10mm approx (give or take a bit)
“Medium” would be like 243, 308win etc. Measuring mid case say 10.5mm to 12.5 mm approx (give or take a bit)
“Large” would be like the Magnums, and fatter cartridges. Measuring mid case say 13mm to 14mm approx (give or take a bit)