March Eyepiece Spotting Scope Adapter Kit

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March Eyepiece Spotting Scope Adapter Kit  –  EOFY STOCKTAKE SALE

The Eyepiece extension ring included in the kit extends the eyepiece so you can use it with your eye attached to the eyepiece. As it is covered with rubber, you can look into it like a binocular or a spotting scope. The difference with a spotting scope is that you can use the same rifle scope (same model, same reticle) as the shooter.

If a March Scope is attached somehow to a solid tripod for view, this eyepiece ring attached the eyepiece of the scope can be used. Like replacing a regular spotting scope and using a rifle scope which has a reticle.

This kit includes a special Picatinney rail adapter which is threaded for a regular tripod mount. Also adapter connector and the special extension with rubber end so that your eye can rest against. Also three scope focus dials are included. 34mm, 36mm and 39mm.