March 48x-52x Bench Rest – High Master


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March 48x-52x Bench Rest – High Master

This scope is an evolution of the March Benchrest series fixed magnification models. These have developed a World Wide reputation for precision and reliability in all the forms of Benchrest Shooting competition since 2006. This scope is the next generation and first in the new High Master lens series which involves a completely different internal lens structure arrangement using special super ED lens and High Refractive lenses which DEON have developed. The new lens element arrangement is a new design and DEON Optical in Japan have been working on this system for a long time. Their efforts have paid off. Achieving bright and sharp images at high magnification without a very large diameter objective lens has always been a challenge. Until now. This scope exhibits sharp images and high brightness compared to some scopes which are half this magnification. This scope is ideal for any form of benchrest competition shooting. From Air Rifles events to 22 Rimfire, Centrefire groups and score plus Long Range. With a minimum focus of just less than 10 yards and 60 moa of elevation (40 moa of windage) this scope has it all. Whether you are shooting small groups at 100 yards or 1,000 yards or even score targets at 20 yards this scope has the glass and the mechanical integrity for a lifetime of precision. The March Benchrest Scopes built to a special mechanical precision which prevents unintentional reticle shift. This design quality has been engineered in to all March scopes, and was one of the founding reasons for the companies birth. As always MARCH is the leader. Now your aim just got better.

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