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Machine Tuner

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Machine Tuner – for Huntsman Standard or Lite Tuner

  • Each barrel tuner needs to be machined for a proper fit to each barrel. The tuners are clamped to the barrel.
  • The machining is bored in the end of the Huntsman Tuner to a position which leaves a flange internally.
  • This is so the tuner can be removed for cleaning and then refitted onto the barrel at the same position. Otherwise the “tune” is changed
  • Therefore the machining needs to reflect the exact size of the end of the barrel. The diameter.
  • Many barrels are tapered which is not ideal but a small amount of taper can be accounted for. Otherwise it is recommended to machine the barrel parallel
  • If you do not have access to a gunsmith to machine and fit a tuner we can get the tuner machined to suit for you by Huntsman.
  • But we need your accurate measurements of the muzzle diameter and also at a point 20mm down the barrel from the muzzle. Just in case there is a difference. Please add in ‘NOTES” section of the check-out page
For example: Many Anshultz barrels are not quite parallel. A typical measurement might be say: 20.3mm at muzzle and 20.6mm at a point 20mm down the barrel. With those two measurements the guys at Huntsman can machine that slight taper into the tuner you buy and match it.
Please add you measurement into the “NOTES” section at the Check-out” process after adding all your items to cart.