KM Force Measurement Option (2016 onwards)


KM Force Measurement Option NO Dial Indicator

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K&M Force Measurement Tool to suit current KM Arbor Press

The KM Force measurement tool attaches to the KM Arbor press (This tool is for the current model arbor press from 2016 onwards).

This tool is designed to give the operator a visual display of the actual tension to seat a bullet. Therefore one can segregate or separate cartridges being reloaded accordingly. Consistent neck tension or bullet grip is an important factor for best accuracy.

The force measurement tool works together with a dial indicator gauge purchased separately (unless you already own one). The force measurement tool attaches to the bottom of the ram and a spindle fits up inside the ram. A dial indicator is then fitted to the top of the ram and connects up with the spindle from the force measurement. The Force measurement tool uses several belleville washers within it which connect inversely together and consequently give a very consistent spring tension. Therefore a visual display of the uniformity of compression and therefore bullet grip is shown on the dial gauge clock face.

A dial indicator gauge which measures on 0.001″ increments is best for the job. But if you happen to already own a dial indicator gauge with a 1″ (25mm) which will connect to the spindle shaft for the force measurement and happens to display in metric increments it will work just fine. Remember it is not the actual numbers on the dial that matter as this is a “relative” measurement. So it is the consistency.
See also the KM 0.001″ dial gauge sold separately.

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